KSrelief Continues Kingdom's Support for Hospitals in Sa'dah and Hajjah

10 September 2018

​ RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) continues its support for medical services for Yemeni patients at Al Salam Hospital in Sa'dah and Al Saudi Hospital in Hajjah. KSrelief provides essential medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and other health care facilities throughout Yemen, providing invaluable assistance to the country's health sector. KSrelief's ongoing input enhances delivery of a wide range of health care services for hospital patients. All humanitarian assistance to Yemen is being provided under directives from the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the first half of 2018, KSrelief provided funding and other support to Al Salam Hospital in Sa'dah as follows:
· Outpatient clinics – 391,171 
· Inpatient department – 8,689 
· Surgeries – 2,990 
· Radiology imaging services – 30,928
· Laboratory services – 271,708 
· Medical prescriptions – 384,616 

KSrelief provided funding and other support to Al Saudi Hospital in Hajjah as follows:
· Outpatient clinics – 218,725 
· Inpatient department – 3,792
· Surgeries – 3,850
· Radiology imaging services – 24,975
· Laboratory services – 215,755
· Medical prescriptions – 222,470 

Al Salam Saudi Hospital, which was funded by the Kingdom, was established in 1982, and offers a wide range of treatment and medical support services to the people of Sa'dah. Thanks to its large annual budget, the facility is able to utilize up-to-date medical equipment to provide its patients with advanced care, making it one of the most important medical centers in the region. Al Salam Saudi Hospital provides professional, impartial services to all of its patients; it also provides medications free of charge to all in need. Its highly-qualified medical staff deliver the best-possible care and therapeutic services. The fact that this facility was established and is supported by the Kingdom is proof of the strong, decades-long bond between the Kingdom and Yemen. 

Al Salam Saudi Hospital is the only hospital in Sa'dah which provides comprehensive medical services not only to patients from the Sa'dah governorate, but to those from the neighboring governorates of Amran and Al Jawf as well. The 170-bed hospital (the largest in the area) offers care in the following specialties: internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, laboratory, radiology, dermatology, eye diseases, dental care, ENT, orthopedics and urology. 

The hospital provides services to more than 2,000 patients on a daily basis with the support of its 278 medical and technical staff members.

The Al Saudi Hospital in Hajjah is the governorate's largest and most advanced comprehensive health care facility. It was established in 1996 to provide a full range of health care services to the people of Hajjah. This hospital is one of the largest projects established and operated by the Kingdom in Yemen, and provides a wide range of impartial, high-quality medical and therapeutic services to all in need. The facility is the only Saudi-supported hospital in the Hajjah governorate which has provided continuous medical services since its opening. 

The 150-bed Al Saudi Hospital in Hajjah offers ongoing intensive care and emergency services, and also operates clinics in the following specialties: general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, heart disease, ENT, orthopedics, laboratory, radiology, eye diseases, dental care and dermatology. 

Support for these vital medical facilities is part of the Kingdom's overall support for the Yemeni people. KSrelief, as the humanitarian representative of the Kingdom, understands the vital role played by the health care sector in alleviating human suffering, and will continue to carry out the Saudi leadership's directives to provide the best possible quality of medical care to all Yemenis.