KSrelief Conducts Field Survey in Northern Syria in Preparation for Irrigation Pump Installation

09 September 2018

​ NORTHERN SYRIA: King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) has completed the initial stage of a project to survey farmlands in northern Syria in preparation for the installation of irrigation pumps. The field survey area included the town of Mare and 16 surrounding villages, and the town of Bizzah, with its 14 villages. They surveyed 614 farms, 409 of which were selected for pump installation. The total area of the surveyed land was 30,821 dunums. To operate these pumps, 90,990 liters of diesel fuel will be required each month; distribution of this fuel will begin soon.  ​

The field surveys were carried out in coordination with local councils, and representatives from local agricultural offices were on hand to verify the collected data; they will also arrange for vehicles to distribute fuel to the farmers, and for installation of meters on the main fuel tanks to measure the number of liters distributed to each farmer. The monitoring team will also work to verify that the tanks meet all appropriate requirements and standards for safety and size. 

These activities are included as part of larger KSrelief programs in Syria and elsewhere to help local populations become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon humanitarian aid for to meet their long-term needs.