KSrelief Completes 85% of Djibouti Housing Units for Yemeni Refugees

18 January 2018

KSrelief has completed 85% of a project to build 300 high-quality housing units designed to meet the needs of Yemeni refugees living at the Obock refugee camp in Djibouti. 

The project provides air-conditioned housing units, health care and schools to cover some 2,000 Yemeni refugees living at the Obock camp. The main objective of the initiative is to protect camp residents from the adverse weather conditions existing in the area, particularly during the hot summer months. 

KSrelief has also implemented other projects for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti, including providing food baskets and safe drinking water and establishing healthcare facilities for use by both Yemeni refugees and Djiboutians.​